From the edge to the cloud, cyber security is paramount to the Predix platform for the IIoT and its "secure by design" ecosystem.

The Predix Security Pledge

Predix is built to meet the most stringent security and compliance requirements, so you can adopt the right technologies and processes that deliver positive outcomes for IIoT investments. From the machine on the shop floor to the business analytics in the enterprise, Predix connects machines to minds. As digital industrial companies evolve, optimizing operations requires complete, valid, unimpeded, and, above all else, secure data.

New, more advanced threats are targeting operational environments, so with Predix, you can bridge the worlds of IT and OT and protect data as it travels from the edge to the enterprise and back again. By building security into the Predix design, we’ve assured that you can connect with confidence, knowing that your data, processes, and outcomes are delivered in a resilient environment.


The Keys to Predix Security

These three values guide everything Predix does to assure your utmost security on the platform.


Predix is designed for "defense-in-depth" on the ecosystem infrastructure, platform, software, and communication layers. This covers the multitude of IT and OT devices and network connections for delivering positive digital industrial outcomes.

Security-first mindset

Predix combines thorough manufacturing, supply chain, and production security. Applications are scrutinized and tested during the development life cycle to ensure security resilience before deployment across the platform.

Continuous monitoring

Predix ensures data and communications integrity from asset connection through the data life cycle. Data is shared via IT/OT environments, into the cloud, via storage, and back into the OT, while the runtime environment is monitored for anomalies requiring incident response.

How Our Security Works