Predix Builders Influencer Program

This Predix program engages with exceptional community members from the larger Predix developer ecosystem. The Influencers are passionate experts in the Industrial Internet and community leaders who have extensive experience with Predix. Each is nominated by the Predix community to serve as an advocate, engaging directly with the Predix team and influencing the direction of the platform.

Meet the influencers

Learn more about those who have been selected to advocate for the Predix community interests.

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Influencer credo

Influencers are Predix experts who drive innovation, inspire engagement, and represent the community with their values.


Show expertise in one or more platform areas, share knowledge, and experiment to solve problems.


Invite and encourage other builders at all levels in community activities.


Engage actively in the community and mentor other builders.


Explore GE, the Industrial IoT, and business and technology to connect and share findings.


Help others solve problems and show respect and empathy for all.


Strive for new approaches and recognize others' contributions with thanks and praise.

Influencer advantages

Being a Predix Influencer comes with the following advantages.



Host Predix webinars and events, write a blog, strengthen your community reputation, and inspire your own following.



Meet with Predix executives and contribute your comments and ideas to help shape the roadmap.



Display a custom badge prominently on your forum profile and receive early access to software.

How to become an influencer

To become an Influencer, you are a Predix expert who happily shares your knowledge with Predix community members via the forum, blog, posts, other content, and at events like Predix Transform.

Twice a year, Predix calls for nominations within the global Predix community. These nominations go through a vetting and validation process, and the new Influencers are then announced to the community.

Influencers are selected for their community work performed in the previous year.